New Impact Play Film

Easter European spanking and impact play is legendary. We all remember the rigid east caning and spanking films. That was punishments from the Czech republic. Other examples were the Old Russian Woodshed, The nettles spanking videos,  Hardman spank, Caned for cash and many other more or less extreme corporal punishment sites.

There is a certain mystery to Eastern European spanking. Is it for real. Are these girls actually into spanking. What is the story behind. The brutality catches our imagination and has done since Rigid East and later Lupus Pictures started showing us some of the extreme caning films that Eastern Europe could provide.

These days Mood Pictures and their more active sister site Elitepain hold the gauntlet for Eastern European spanking and impact play. The most recent release is even a somewhat instructional film on caning and whipping. It is called Punishment Methology 1 and is the starter of a new series from Elitepain.

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Ministry of Spanking

Come inside the ministry of spanking with Elite Pain. This is where slave girls suffer. Females cry. Bottoms bleed. These whipping films are really not for the faint at heart. Whilst they contain bondage in a dungeon setting. It is secondary to the extreme spankings, hardcore whipping and severe tortures the female slaves endure.

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New Impact Play Film

The new impact play instructional film from Elitepain shows you just how cruel the whip and the cane can be applied. The slave girls are whipped to tears. Caned brutally. Tied and spanking. Bruised and blistered. Read all about the Punishment Methology 1 movie from Elitepain here.

Easter European spanking. Bare bottom caning. Hard edge play. The Eastern Europeans sure are famous for it. All of us bear in mind the inflexible and merciless rigid east beating and spanking movies. That was torture films from the Czech republic. Different examples had been the Russian Woodshed. The nettles spanking movies.  Hardman spank. Caned for money. And plenty more. All showing rough, outragious corporal punishment. Follow the pain. Go east!

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