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Whipped At The Spanking Club – Part 1

Emma couldn’t wait. The anticipation grew inside her stomach like a foetus. She had waited so long for this moment and finally it was here. She had discovered the website quite by accident as she was surfing the Internet and entering the word spanking. She had followed the link and was hooked in by the short stories that were put there for other user’s enjoyment, not to mention the films that could be bought along with the instruments to satisfy her curiosity.

She couldn’t remember when she became interested in the subject in her adult world. All she could recall was that when she was a child she used to hate getting spanked. She had never dared discuss her interests with anyone, fearful of what people would say to her or think about her or even worse still laugh at her behind her back.

When she moved into her own flat she had bought and installed a home computer for her work, but it wasn’t long before her fingers were typing in words that related to her interests on search engines, curious as to if anyone else had the same desires. Much to her surprise she found lots of web sites that catered for her but this one in particular was very special.

As she read the stories it displayed, she envied the people who wrote about spanking within relationships. The two previous long-term relationships she had, she just couldn’t bring herself to mention her interest, nor even dare drop hints as she noticed some people encouraged others to do to their partners on the site.

She had thought in the past about placing a personal ad or answering some herself but fear of what she was getting into always stopped her, let alone the fear for her safety. There was no one to miss her if something went badly wrong. She had often wondered to herself what kind of people shared her interest. Everyone on the site used usernames and gave nothing personal about themselves away, except their desires of course!

She had put up with spanking herself for years now, which had given her some pleasure but she knew it was her heart’s desire to meet someone who would not only perform this act for her but also enjoy it for himself.

After several months of just looking at the site on a daily basis, reading the stories and buying the films and other products online, she finally managed to work up the courage to discuss her interests in the chat room. At first she was sure that she was coming across to other viewers as naïve and new to the game but after several weeks of talking in the chat room with members that appeared to have the same interests as her, she had exchanged private email addresses with them and stepped aside to talk to them off the website.

Today was the day that she was meeting the ten people that she regularly emailed from the site. They had never spoken to each other personally, other than they lived in the United Kingdom and whether they were male or female. She had no idea of their first names, ages or even what they did for a living.

They had all agreed to meet at a hotel in the Midlands, which was a central point for the UK. The Master was going to book a suite in his name only and after they had all met in reception, they would go to the suite and discuss their interests in private. They arranged to meet at two o’clock and they were all going to leave at forty thirty the same afternoon.

Emma was looking forward to it. At last she was going to meet some people face to face that had the same desires as her where she would be understood and not ridiculed, as she feared she would be if she discussed these things with anyone else. She locked the door of her BMW car and made her way across the car park to the hotel entrance. She had spent ages pondering what to wear for this first meeting, wanting to make a good impression but not wanting to give anything away about herself. She had finally decided on a peach vest and a green vest t-shirt with trainers and socks. The only jewellery about her person was her watch and a pair of plain gold stud earrings.