Amateur slavegirl Beauvoirs bound whipping and kinky punishment. Dressed in lingerie and stockings Beauvoir is ready to be tied to the whipping post by master Big John for an amateur BDSM session

Beauvoir Earns A Whipping

It was two hours later when she heard the car pull back into the driveway. She shoved the load of laundry into a basket and hid it under the washtub – out of sight, out of mind! Big John came through the door and called her from the kitchen. Beauvoir ran down the stairs and then walked down the hall slowly, trying to will her heartbeat into a normal rhythm. When she walked into the kitchen she saw an assortment of cuffs and bindings on the table. Thank God! She thought, He is not really angry with me; he just set up a rare night away from the brats! And handcuffs, how kinky! This is going to be fun!

“Beauvoir, I want you to take off all of your clothes and fold them neatly on the table.” She obeyed quickly and a shiver went up her spine in anticipation. Usually she insisted on quick, missionary style sex because she figured that if Big John did not want to have sex with her very often, they could not get pregnant again. If only he would let me take birth control, I would not have to worry so much.

Once she was completely naked, Big John picked up a pair of handcuffs and bound he wrists behind her. He then led her to the back porch and told her to wait. They lived in a rural area and no one would be able to see her from the road, so she sat down on the picnic bench and waited. Soon Big John came back with several lengths of rope, a dog collar and a leash. When he saw her sitting down, he grabbed her roughly by the arm and lifted her up.

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“Did I tell you to sit down? No! This is not a pleasure trip for you Beauvoir!” Big John looped a length of rope through her arms and around a hook in the roof of the porch. When he was done she was standing bent over with her arms in the air, her long blonde hair in her face, and her asscheeks spread wide to reveal her already swollen vulva.

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Beauvoir was beginning to feel fear and wondered why Big John was so angry with her. It was true, she did neglect the children as much as she felt she could get away with, but there was no way that Big John could know that. She always made sure to cover her tracks and get everything done before he got home. Big John put a spreader bar on her ankles and she felt the evening breeze on her pussy, despite her growing trepidation she was becoming turned on.

“Now, Beauvoir, do you have any idea why we are here?”


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