How To Whip A Pussy

How do you thoroughly whip a pussy ? How to you cane feet till theyre literally unwalkable. How do you make the leather whip strike right on the clitoris causing agony so intense it is unbearable for even the hardest masochist ? How are feet tied up perfectly for bastinado and falaka foot whippings ?

All the answers are in the new release from Elite Pain called Punishment Methology 2. More info on Punishment Methology 2 at BDSM Files. A seriously suffering masochist is tied on a punishment table. Legs spread in the air opening the fanny for torture, making the feet stick out in place for the whip.

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How To Whip A Pussy ?

Not all punishments are made equal. There are soft and sexy erotic domination sessions. There are kinky slave sex trips to the bedroom. There are hard punishments for disobedient slave girls. And then there is Punishment Methology instructions.

They include causing pain so unbearable the slave screams and cries endlessly. Strokes of the whip so far it bruises on impact. Sadism so intense the masochist breaks and whimpers. We are in real painslut territory!

You can see video footage and more pictures from the Punishment Methology Bastinado and Pussy Whipping film at

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More info on Punishment Methology 2 at BDSM Files.

The feet are tortured, whipped and caned. The pussy red and swollen. The body bruised. The female slave crying!

ElitePain Film Punishment Methology 2

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