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What is BDSM ?

February 28, 2016
What is BDSM ? Read a more indepth introduction to sadomasochism with definitions of bd & sm terms, advice for BDSM newbies and examples of bondage and sado masochist play.

What is BDSM ? This is a common question, especially for the people who have ever heard of, but do not know exactly what it entails. BDSM is an acronym that stands for: Bondage Discipline Sado Masochism What is BDSM ? Read a more indepth introduction to sadomasochism with definitions of bd & sm terms, advice for […]

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Plastic Wrapped Bondage

February 26, 2016

Plastic Wrapped Bondage of subbie Allenne by mistress Owena at Damsels in Distress with sensory deprivation. Kinky lesbian fetish babes in erotic domination games with submissive Allenne and dominant Owena. Mistress Owena wraps her submissive damsel in plastic bondage. Arms tied behind her back. Pads over her eyes. Hands tied together. Entirely wrapped in […]

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Crystel Lei in Electro BDSM

February 25, 2016
Slavegirl Crystel Lei in Electro Pain and anus hot waxing

Slavegirl Crystel Lei in Electro Pain and Extreme Ass Punishment at Featuring welsh blonde painslut Crystel Lei whipped on her open pussy and getting strokes on her anus. Crystel is put in position for having burning hot candle wax dripped directly inside her anus and pussy causing extreme agony for the blonde slave girl. Blonde […]

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Tied Machine Punishment

February 24, 2016
Tied Machine Punishment

Tied machine punishment of blonde slave girl Chaos at The submissive is tied up on the st. andrews cross, nipple tortured and dominated mercilessly by her master before being put on the fucking machine for some rough penetration. The crying slaveslut is tied, roughed up and fucked by a machine. More BondageSexslave Tatianas Rough […]

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Rope Bondage Workshops

February 21, 2016
Rope Bondage Workshops - Bondage photos of Honesty Cabellero in suspension rope works

A rope bondage workshop, organised on a peer basis, which means it is free both in that there is no monetary charge, and in that you can ask anyone to help show you how to tie a knot, without schedule or restriction. All we ask is that when, in turn, someone with even less experience […]

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JJ Cruz Latin Bondage Sex

February 20, 2016

Sexy latina JJ Cruz in kinky bondage sex at Damsels in Distress. The blindfolded south american babe is roughed up, dominated and teased before being sexually used for blowjobs and hardcore sex. Dominated. Blindfolded. Fucked. Giving head. JJ Cruz is a proper bondage sex slave in slutty action. Rough latina bondage sex and blindfolded […]

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German Fetisch Model Melanie Moon

February 17, 2016
German fetisch model Melanie Moon in interracial domination and kinky BDSM

Interracial domination of German Melanie Moon and pussy licked blondes tit torture by rough black master tormenting his tied bondage babe and slave slut. Intense fetish session! Hot wax. Pain. Humiliation. Pure German BDSM of Melanie Moon. The fetisch model from Germany is mainly known for naughty hardcore films and showing off her giant big […]

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Polynese slave Mei Mara – Facial Needle Torture

February 15, 2016
Polynese slave Mei Maras cattleprod BDSM and Facial Needle Torture

Mei Mara is a mixed race masochist from Polynesia. She is a lifestyle slave girl who also does some fetish modelling, not the other way around. Polynese Mei Mara is known from a variety of American kink sites such a Device Bondage, Hard Tied, Brutalmaster and Infernal Restraints. The full length movie The Experiment featuring […]

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Lucys Public Bondage

February 15, 2016
Lucys Public Bondage

Blonde babe Lucys public bondage at UK Flashers – Public Nudity. The sexy babe is tied up in full public view for some exhibitionist kink. More BondagePublic Amateur Bondage73Jessie tied up and gagged in leather fetish wear outside in a public park with UK-Flashers. The blonde amateur bondage babe is tied to a tree, gagged […]

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Spanking and Bondage

February 15, 2016
Spanking and Bondage of Isabel Dean in female whipping and foot caning in the private sadomaso dungeon

Spanking and Bondage go hand in hand. Tying up your submissive and getting out the whip. Seeing her anticipation. The fear in her eyes. The leather connecting with her exposed ass. Smack! Smack! Isabel Dean is at dungeon for a fierce whipping films session. Kinky bondage and rope works in all its form can […]

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